Q & A

Feel free to send me a message or comment below with any questions you want to ask!

Q: What made you start your blog?

A: I started this blog because I genuinely love to cook. I cook at least once a day and my friends and family are often asking me for recipes, so I thought “why not share these recipes and stories with everyone?”.

Q: What type of food do you like to cook?

A: I love to cook everything! I tend to be drawn to Moroccan, French, Italian and Japanese food the most. But seriously,  I like everything.

Q: What is your favorite recipe?

A: Pretty much like asking who’s the favorite child (it’s me, right Mom and Dad?). My three favorite recipes would have to be my Chicken Tagine, Hayden’s Favorite Flat Breads, and my Chocolate & Salted Caramel Slice.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is new to cooking?

A: My advice would be to start simple. If you’re someone who tends to mess up boiling water, start with something you don’t even have to touch the stove or oven to make. Recipes like my Crunchy Kale Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing and Hummus, don’t use any heat and are fairly straight forward to put together. Don’t hesitate to message me on here, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or through email with any questions you have!

Q: Are there any foods you don’t like?

A: I feel like it’s almost like swearing in Australia to say this, but I don’t love lamb… I didn’t grow up eating it (only at Easter with my grandparents), so it’s something I’m just not used to. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I start loving it because Hayden asks almost every Sunday if we can have a lamb roast for dinner.

Q: Do you still model?

A: Yes, I do! The modeling I do now is much different from the modeling I used to do. I model for commercial clients, which I prefer to editorial. If you have any modeling questions or enquires, feel free to contact me or my agency.

Q: What do you eat in a day?

A: I start my day with either a smoothie or two dipping eggs with toast and a decaf black tea or matcha with almond milk. I tend to be a bit funny with lunch, sometimes I crave something healthy and will make avocado toast with heaps of tomatoes and basil, sometimes I make a jaffle (baked beans and cheese is my current favorite) or if I haven’t had a smoothie for breakfast I’ll just have that. Dinner is easily my favorite part of the day. Hayden and I start talking about what to make for dinner before we’ve even had breakfast. Last night we made my Sausage, Kale & Fennel Seed Pasta, it takes about 15 minutes and only costs around $10 to make.