Sunset Sabi – Lunch

Hayden took me to Sunset Sabi my first week in Sydney, nearly two years ago. I’m pretty sure he said it was something along the lines of being Japanese food. I think their website puts it best in saying “Sunset Sabi takes Japanese flavours, styles and techniques and makes them its own”. It’s not your typical Japanese restaurant, and that’s what we like about it. The menu is awesome, the drinks are annoyingly good and the service is always friendly and on point. It would be hard to find something not to like about this place. (Maybe they could start serving breakfast?)

They’ve just started serving lunch on Saturdays and Sundays 12-3pm. So, of course we had to go. We ordered pretty much everything on the menu and we weren’t too surprised when everything, just like their dinner menu, was awesome. It would be weird for me to be writing about this if I didn’t think you should go too..and for you to be reading it if you weren’t interested…so when you go I would highly recommend ordering pretty much everything. If you’re not in the mood for ordering absolutely everything, order a Fomo Yamamomo- peach sake, gin, clapis, lime, topped with prosecco (a.k.a.-the best cocktail of my life), Snapper Sashimi- white soy ponzu, cucumber, truffle oil and peanuts, and last but definitely not least, you 1000000% have to get the Suteki Sando- black angus sirloin, shitake kombu butter, tonkatsu sauce, red cabbage on shokupan bread. Go. Order it all. Repeat.

*Sorry for all the “awesome’s”…


Sunset Sabi                                                                                                                                        26-28 Pittwater Road,
Manly, 2094, NSW, Australia
02 9977 7461                                                                                                 


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