Watermelon & Matcha Mint Tea

I used to drink a lot of coffee, A LOT. I had one of those fancy espresso things in my apartment when I lived in Hong Kong and thoroughly enjoyed having somewhere between 5 to 8 coffees a day. Probably because I was drinking so much of it, my body stopped liking coffee so I stopped drinking it. Now if I feel like I need a little caffeine I’ll have a black tea or my absolute favorite thing ever, matcha. A lot of people think they don’t like matcha because they think it’s super bitter or smells weird (fair enough, it can be weird when people put way too much matcha and way too little liquid). I would seriously encourage those people to try this iced tea, it’s naturally sweet from the watermelon, refreshingly light from the mint and still gives you the flavor of matcha without smelling like a hectic green tea. Matcha also has an extensive amount of health benefits that you can read about on my friends site, Matcha Maiden. Long story short, if you think you don’t like matcha, you will like this tea. And if you already love matcha, you’re probably skipping past this intro and already making this recipe.

Makes 6 glasses

  • 1/4 watermelon, rind removed and cut into large cubes
  • 2 handfuls fresh mint
  • 2 tsp matcha, I like to use Matcha Maiden


  1. Begin by boiling 4 cups of water, once boiled pour the water into a bowl with your fresh mint leaves. Set aside to cool.
  2.  Add your watermelon into a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour watermelon juice through a sieve (mesh strainer). Discard pulp and set juice aside.
  4. Once your fresh mint tea has cooled, removed mint leaves and stir in 2 tsp of matcha powder.
  5. I like to layer my tea so you can see the difference between layers (it makes it so much prettier than mixed…). Begin by pouring your watermelon juice into a medium glass with ice, fill just over half way.
  6. Take a spoon, and slowly pour matcha over the back of it until your glass is full. (*this should work…it might not…but it should).


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