My Perfect Sunday Lunch

Every couple of months, when we all have a day or night free, a small group of our friends take turns hosting everyone for lunch or dinner at their homes. This past weekend was our turn, we opted for a Sunday lunch up on the roof of our building and kept our fingers crossed for a beautiful day. Of course it was the only cloudy/rainy/windy day we’ve had in weeks, but we still made the most of it. Hayden and I did most of our prep and shopping on Saturday, which included going to Carriage Works Farmers MarketThe Artisan Cheese Room, and Vic’s Meats.

The theme for our lunch was Florence, Italy, most of the recipes were adapted from one of our favorite cookbooks, Florentine. I would highly recommend buying it, making every single recipe in it, and repeating multiple times. It. Is. That. Good.

*I also would like to quickly mention that if anyone is looking to buy those weights that you clip onto table cloths so they don’t blow away in the wind, THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. I spent a solid 12 hours of my life searching for them, and finally found them in a small party store. I was so happy I could have kissed the poor Chinese man directly on the lips…I restrained myself.

Our Menu

  • Meats & cheeses, all cheeses, olives and small sausages from The Artisan Cheese Room
  • Cold salad of fresh pea’s with thick cut bacon and parsley, all from Carriage Works Farmers Market
  • Mixed greens salad with parmesan, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, greens from Carriage Works Farmers Market
  • Tomato & fresh mozzarella salad with diced red onion, basil, red wine vinegar and olive oil, tomatoes from Harris Farm, mozzarella from The Artisan Cheese Room
  • 1.5 inch cut t-bone steaks, from Vic’s Meats
  • Fresh tagliatelle with homemade pesto and parmesan, pasta from Carriage Works Farmers Market, basil from Harris Farm and parmesan from The Artisan Cheese Room
  • Sourdough from our friends at Sonoma
  • Classic florentines with almonds, hazelnuts and dark chocolate
  • Ricotta cake with raspberries, blackberries and lemon zest
  • Sparkling, Chardonnay and Shiraz from Philip Shaw. (We actually didn’t end up opening the Chardonnay, but the Sparkling was better than most fancy Champagnes and the Shiraz was insane-Hayden if you’re reading this please order us some more…)
  • Beers from Balter
Sunday-Cheese Table full top shot
Cheese & Meats Table
Close up of my favorite cheese of the day, the camembert
Goats cheese and cured pork sausage


Sunday-Ricotta Cake alone
Ricotta cake with blackberries, raspberries and lemon zest

Sunday-Desserts top shot

Sunday-Cheese table distance
It’s amazing what a white table cloth can do for a cheap plastic outdoor table
Sunday-Red in decanter
Our red, Phillip Shaw Shiraz
Sunday-Chardonnay and Sparkling
Our white and sparkling, also from Phillip Shaw
Sunday-Sparkling alone on table
Local artists designed the back labels for the wines
Sunday-Flowers to harbour
Amazingly inexpensive flowers from Carraigeworks Farmers Market, $40 for both bouquets!
Sunday- Table with peas and wine
White linen table cloths from Ikea= $15 each, making your table look like a million bucks=priceless
Sunday-Table with flowers to harbour
I always feel like adding on the glasses to the table makes things a bit more festive
Sunday-Hayden with Balter
Hayden with his favorite Balter Beer
Sunday- Steak side on tray raw
Our massive steaks, from Vic’s

Sunday- Steak raw top shot

Sunday-Steaks on grill
Hayden grilling two of the three steaks on his portable grill
Sunday-Steaks resting
Resting the steaks! Almost as important as cooking the steaks!
Sunday-Cutting Steak
Sunday-Pea and Bacon Salad
Fresh pea salad with thick cut bacon, lemon and parsley- all from Carraigeworks Farmers Market
Sunday- My plate of food
My plate of food (before I had seconds)
Sunday-Hayden's plate of food
Hayden’s plate
Sunday-Clean Plate club
Our friend Chris’ plate AFTER he ate. Clean plate club.
Sunday-Cutting the cake
Cutting into my ricotta cake
Sunday-Florentines alone
Homemade Florentines
Sunday- Hayden and Willow
Our friends daughter, Willow, sharing the best part of the steak with Hayden




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