I’ve flown back home for a few weeks to see my family and enjoy a bit of summer on Nantucket. On my way back I had to spend a night in Boston due to the ever changing flight schedules between Boston and Nantucket. From the moment I booked my flights I was thinking about where to eat on my one night in the city. There are so many great restaurants in Boston, it is normally hard to chose just one (especially when it’s your first meal outside of an airport in 24 hours). This time I knew exactly where I wanted to eat, and that was Cultivar. Opened in the early summer of this year, by our good friends Emily French-Dumont and Mary Dumont, Cultivar is the best type of restaurant. It focuses on seasonal, local produce that is prepared in a fresh, new but still approachable way. My only complaint would be that my stomach is not big enough to try as many things as I wanted to, and my brother is allergic to shellfish.. thanks Nathaniel. If you’re like me and get serious FOMO over not getting to try all the things on the menu, go with a group, order everything, get a large glass of their rosé cider or one of their many gin cocktails, and repeat at least every couple weeks. I would if I could. Too bad Boston isn’t so close to Sydney, Australia.


Cultivar BurrataCultivar- EggplantCulitvar-AgnolottiCultivar- Sausage pastaCulitvar- Chicken cut mintCulitvar- Chicken no mintCultivar- CakeCultivar- Menu

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